Primefloor Sea Container Floor is marketed towards ESG-focused companies. It is likely to outlive the container steel body and can even expand the container lifespan to 15 years or more. Maintenance costs are more or less history since the floor does not dent, crack, splinter, delaminate or absorb water as is an huge issue with bamboo. Our industrial partners will have available a large choice of colors to fit with all designs.

The floor does not take a toll on environment. In comparison, it takes fifty to sixty years to replace a Apiton/Keruing tree commonly used for plywood container floors. A far more sustainable choice for container manufacturers and owners is Primefloor Sea Container Floor of 100 % recyclable steel and polypropylene plastic. High quality materials are key for our strong (ISO 1496 pt. 1 compliant) and patent protected sea container floor innovation.

Cut life cycle costs

ESG and sustainability container floors

Green tech is booming for a reason. Global sustainability efforts are expected from everyone including your customers who are all looking for strategic innovation and ESG-focused partners. Primefloor complies with COA and IISL sustainability and serviceability goals. An IICL objective is 50% container wood content reduction.
But, there is even more to Primefloor Sea Container Floor than pure strenght and sustainability:

The Primefloor technology allows shipping companies to own and container manufacturer to deliver containers with lower greenhouse emissions compared with the traditional value chain: 

  • Disrupts the plywood container floor value chain from a linear to circular model as Primefloor container floors are fully recyclable
  • Enables container manufacturers to stand out in the marketplace with containers that are lowering greenhouse emissions, meeting customer’s ESG expectations
  • By replacing hardwood, contributes to reduced deforestation and land damage

Expand lifespan

The steel enforced plastic container floor is likely to outlive and expand lifespan of the container steel body.

Might outlive the container and be reused.


Eco Friendly

A choice of ESG-focused companies. 100% recyclable. Indirecly protects threatened Apiton/Keruing commonly use for plywood floors. 

Choice of colors

High volume customers and production partners have a huge choice of colors that fit with any container design.

Naturally, the floor can also be used for other purposes.


Available only in high volumes or through Manufacturing License Agreement (MLA).

Lifespan exceeds 15 years. 

Increases steel container lifespan.

Does not delaminate.

Easy to repair, if needed.

No surface coating that wears out

Reduced back office costs due to fewer claims against customers responsible for damaging the container floor.


Made by 100% recyclable steel and polypropylene plastics.

Can be reused or sold in second hand markets.

Low weight contributes to reduced tare weight and increased payload.
Does not absorb spill or smell from cargo.
Exceeds plywood insulation values.
Insect and micro organism proofed. 

Tested by DNV




Food Grade.
Water proofed. Oil and acid steady.
Easy to clean (high-presure, steaming, broom-out, chemicals and detergent cleaning).
Resistant to salt water and UV.
For extreme temperatures (– 40°C to + 80°C).
Steel elements protected from contamination by surrounding plastic.

Redused maintanance and repair costs. Does not dent, crack or splinter.

Anti-skid (friction coefficient 0,5).

Oslo shipping cluster

Primefloor is developed in Norway. Our headquarter is in the Norwegian and international shipping capitol of Oslo. 

Finally a true alternative to bamboo and hardwood plywood container flooring

Finally, there is a true alternative to bamboo and hardwood plywood container flooring for ESG-focused companies. The PrimeFloor High Grade Steel Enforced Container Plastic Floor will reduce your container life cycle costs and help protecting endangered hardwood used in container plywood flooring. 

How come others have tried to make plastic flooring without success? Well, what we do is to combine high grade recyclable plastic (but not recycled plastics) with steel reinforcement precisely in the center of the 28 mm standard TEU floorboard size. An achievement that gives you the strenght and low weight you need and want. 

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Your hunt for alternatives to bamboo, steel and tropical hardwood plywood container floors is over.